So, why do we call ourselves Fusion Hospitality?

We are a group of like-minded individuals with a common passion for hospitality that bring together a diverse mix of knowledge, skills, ideas and aspirations. And, here is our story:

Humble Beginnings:

The Managing Principal’s hands-on approach to leadership reflects their own family roots in the business. Bruce’s parents all started in the motel business in the early 80’s where they all ran their own property, and those that followed, as a family. From maintenance and laundry to guest services, there’s not a job that Bruce has not done. At Fusion Hospitality, we believe that in order to be a good manager, you have to have done the job yourself. In a family business, everyone has to do something – you don’t have the option to just sit and watch, and the lessons learned from that have been invaluable.

Where We Are Today:

Starting from a single motel in Tupelo, Mississippi, Fusion Hospitality has quickly grown to one of the most prolific hospitality outfits in the Eastern United States. Together with our construction partners, we offer an encompassing approach to hotel development. From branding and financing, to construction and finishing, to opening and long-term operations, Fusion Hospitality manages every aspect of a successful hotel operation.

Where We Would Like To Go:

Fusion Hospitality will continue to grow in the coming years through the development and acquisition of quality assets in strong markets. We have a commitment to sound risk management and a deep awareness of the continuous changing landscape of the hospitality industry. We do not want growth for the sake of growth, but we want to grow only to the extent we know we can add value for our company, our associates, our investors and the communities we serve. And, we want to keep social acceptance and responsibility at the forefront of whatever we do.